Shawn Bradford, MS Health Promotion, is a mindfulness teacher, keynote speaker, and a corporate wellness educator. She holds a 500-hour yoga alliance teaching certificate, is a continuing education provider for Yoga Alliance, and has 200 formal hours of meditation training. Shawn also holds a master's in science in Health Promotion with an emphasis in Workplace Wellness.  Shawn loves to inspire her clients and students to weave wellness tools into their day to manage their stress and feel their best!

Corporate Wellness

Taught At Your Office or online

by Ms. Shawn Bradford

Offer your employees a well-being Program

Bring peace & well-being to your workplace with our Corporate Wellness Programs delivered in person or online. Support your employees with proven tools to reduce stress and improve productivity.

Live (Virtual) Classes
Professional Instructors
Highly Recommended

Online or In Person Corporate
Yoga Programs

Our online and in office yoga classes are inviting to all levels of participants, non-intimidating and provide your employees with Mindful Minute Stress Busting Tips they can incorporate into their daily routine to increase their focus, productivity and well-being.

Online or In Office Meditation Classes for Employees

Statistics show that 88% of workers are experiencing moderate to extreme stress. Bring practical, easy to implement stress management tips to your employees with our highly rated meditation classes.

Wellness Workshops & Trainings

Offered in person, online or on-demand Shawn offers wellness education that is engaging, promotes discussion and motivates positive change.

Popular wellness topics:
-Mindfully Rise Above Stress
-Sleep Better Tonight
-Mastering Resilience
-The Art & Science of Goal Achievement
-Heartful Living: Prioritize Heart Health
and more!

"Shawn brought a multifaceted mindfulness program to Tuft and Needle! She was always patient with our diverse group of meditators - some rank beginners, others with start-and-stop practices. If you're looking to collaborate on a custom mindfulness program for your company, or bring in someone who can just take the reigns and lead, reach out to Shawn. The importance of mindfulness cannot be overstated as the rip-roaring pace of life continues to accelerate... Take a moment and BREATHE!"

"Visit Phoenix worked with Shawn to host numerous virtual chair yoga classes for our clients via Zoom. She is amazing! Shawn's professionalism and ability to understand our client's need and ENGAGE them through a virtual network was incredible. We received very positive feedback from clients who asked to attend future events hosted by Shawn. She understands our industry and helps give creative ideas for making events fun and inclusive for all to enjoy. I highly recommend Shawn as a teacher, speaker and presenter. Her expertise in health, wellness, and life challenges is shared in a relatable and understandable style which we and our clients loved!"

Shawn did a series of in-person meditations over the course of a week while I was working at Gainsight. I'm something of a natural skeptic, but Shawn's sessions were really helpful and enjoyable, and she always made sure to talk through the science of what we were doing and why. She's a great teacher and really engaging personally. Mindfulness and meditation makes a massive difference for workers, especially during stressful times, and I'd recommend Shawn for your company.

"Shawn has been a joy to work with! Over the past two years, she hosted a number of health and wellness lunch and learns for our employees. Our staff continues to embrace her workshops and ask for more."

I learned so much from Shawn during our sessions at my office, but the most profound takeaway for me was that I control myself and nothing else.  For a lifetime control freak that was a little hard to swallow at first, but my entire perspective has changed and I have found so much more success in my life and my endeavors by simply controlling my breathing and my stress levels regardless of the chaos around me.

Thank you, Shawn, for such a wonderful wellness workshop with our staff at Avenue 25. The combination of your dynamic energy, professionalism and engaging activities were a much needed "breath of fresh air" in our office. We all came away feeling refreshed, energized and inspired. Can't wait until the next one!

Shawn is the BEST! I just had her as a Featured Speaker in The 101 Referral Network Group Summer Workshop where we packed the room with attendees from all around the Phoenix area. Her presentation was excellent on stress management.She provided good examples of various stress remedies. She kept the audience on their toes (literally) as we stood and sat a few times to experience some of the relaxation techniques she taught us.

Do you teach online?

Yes, corporate yoga classes, meditation classes and wellness workshops can be online, in person at your office or a mix of both. All classes, online or in person, are engaging & meaningful.

What type of corporate wellness do you teach?

Yoga: My team of teachers and I offer a variety of classes from chair yoga to “work clothes yoga" to cardio yoga depending upon the needs of your office. We customize the experience for your group.

Meditation: Our meditation classes provide your team members with a refreshing mindfulness break which in turn actually buys them time by increasing focus and energy. Our classes are tailored to a corporate group and those new to meditation.

Wellness Education: Our wellness workshops are customized just for you based upon topics your team members want. Workshops are highly engaging, prompt discussions and promote employee collaboration.

Most people in our office have never done yoga or meditation before so will this be intimidating?

Like most people, I was also intimidated by my first yoga class. My instructors and I are very compassionate to the reality that not everyone has experience with yoga. We go the extra mile to make the classes inviting and full of modifications for all levels. We also offer unique yoga classes such as “Work Clothes Yoga” and "All Levels Yoga" which makes the experience more inviting to all.

Is this a big time commitment?

No. Our most popular class is a 30 minute hybrid class of breath awareness for focus, chair yoga to release stress and a body scan meditation to increase energy. This short, but powerful class is packed with productivity, creativity-enhanced benefits for your employees!

Will some employees think yoga and meditation is “too far out there” or “woo-wooy?”

My objective is to invite as many people as possible to receive the proven physical and mental health benefits of yoga. My yoga teachers and I provide classes that are professional, in-line with your values and mission and are inclusive to all participants from our verbiage to our class themes.  Our corporate yoga classes do look quite a bit different from the classes taught in a yoga studio setting.  We are sensitive to the fact that we are in your workplace (online or in person) representing you.

How much do your wellness programs cost?

Please reach out via our contact page for a consultation to customize your corporate yoga, meditation and wellness plan based upon your needs, duration of classes, length of classes and additional program offerings such as qualitative assessments and employee incentive programs.

What is my return on investment?

Besides an advanced yoga certificate I also hold a master’s degree in health promotion with an emphasis in workplace wellness so I will work with you on creating a package that also includes a questionnaire, assessment, tracking and incentive components to that you may realize your ROI on your workplace wellness package.

Shawn Bradford

Founder of Breathe & Work

Shawn Bradford holds a Master’s degree in Health Promotion with an emphasis in Workplace Wellness. She is a Phoenix based workplace wellness provider specializing in corporate yoga & meditation classes to businesses across the country. She will personally work with you to implement a customized Corporate Wellness Program amplifying a culture of well-being, creativity and collaboration for your team.

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