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Do you teach online?

Yes, all corporate yoga classes are now offered online and in a live format so classes are engaging & meaningful.

What type of corporate yoga do you teach?

My team of teachers and I offer a variety of classes from chair yoga to “work clothes yoga’ to cardio yoga depending upon the needs of your office. We customize the experience for your group.

Most people in our office have never done yoga before so will this be intimidating?

Like most people, I was also intimidated by my first yoga class. My instructors and I are very compassionate to the reality that not everyone has experience with yoga. We go the extra mile to make the classes inviting and full of modifications for all levels. We also offer unique yoga classes such as, “Work Clothes Yoga” which make the experience more inviting to all.

Is this a big time commitment?

No. Our most popular class is a 30 minute hybrid class of breath awareness for focus, chair yoga to release stress and a body scan meditation to increase energy. This short, but powerful class is packed with productivity, creativity-enhanced benefits for your employees!

Will some employees think yoga is “too far out there” or “woo-wooy?”

My objective is to invite as many people as possible to receive the proven physical and mental health benefits of yoga. My yoga teachers and I provide classes that are professional, in-line with your values and mission and are inclusive to all participants in our verbiage and class themes.  Our corporate yoga classes do look quite a bit different from the classes taught in a yoga studio setting.  We are sensitive to the fact that we are in your workplace (online or in person) representing you.

How much does corporate yoga cost?

Please reach out via our contact page for a consultation to customize your corporate yoga plan based upon your needs, duration of classes, length of classes and additional program offerings such as qualitative assessments and employee incentive programs.

What is my return on investment?

Besides an advanced yoga certificate I also hold a master’s degree in health promotion with an emphasis in workplace wellness so I will work with you on creating a package that also includes a questionnaire, assessment, tracking and incentive components to that you may realize your ROI on your workplace yoga wellness package.

Where is your TEACH CORPORATE YOGA class offered?

This class is offered online at specific times throughout the year.  The class is taught live to offer you with a personalized, engaging experience and there is a cap on attendance.  Click here for the next class offering.

What are your qualifications to teach this class?

I am a continuing education provider for Yoga Alliance, an experienced 500 hour yoga teacher and I hold a Master degree in Health Promotion with an emphasis in Workplace Wellness.  I also teach yoga, mindfulness and meditation in businesses and consistently at business conferences and events.

How much does this class cost?

The total investment for the Teach Corporate Yoga course is $300 for a 20 hour certification.

Are classes pre-recorded?

No! While I have prepared a thoughtful and organized curriculum - all classes are taught LIVE. I've found this to be a more engaging way to relay the information in my course. It also provides a better experience for course participants as classes are interactive, with opportunities to answer questions on the spot.

How do I get certified?

Follow the instructions from Yoga Alliance to upload your certificate

Are there any guest teachers?

Yes, anatomy is not my strong suit, but it is Shalyn Delgado’s expertise. I am honored that she has contributed two hours on the Anatomy of the Computer Worker to this course.

Will I be ready to teach in businesses after this course?

Absolutely!  You will be provided with statistics and benefits of yoga to share with the decision makers at the businesses you approach.  You will also understand how to find, earn and keep the business of your corporations. Finally you will be provided with an array of templates to customize and utilize for your benefit.

You do have to do the work and reach out to your network and the businesses in your area to introduce yourself and your yoga offerings, but you will have the tools to lead you down the path of success.

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