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Divorce Self Care
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Divorce Self Care


Shawn Bradford

Divorce is tough and if there was ever a time for loving self-care it's before, during and after divorce.

I hope these resources provide you comfort and support through your journey.

I made this free I AM LOVED Yoga Nidra Meditation for you so that you may feel supported, connected and loved on this difficult journey. Listen here.

My morning self-care routine before I get the kids up:

-Meditation to give to myself first. I try for 15 minutes, but to keep the routine going I'll even do 2-5 minutes on those super crazed mornings. 1,000's of free meditations here on Insight Timer.

-A little bit of movement. Anything! Jumping jacks, a walk, or a quick dance. I try for 15 minutes, but even a few minutes to keep this act of self care routine going.

-A few minutes to journal: Affirmations, my dream from the night before, any thoughts, any fears, a love note to myself. Anything at all. Again, this is all about putting the focus on you first thing in the morning to fill yourself up.

My evening self-care rountine after I put the kids to sleep:

-Journal. Sometimes about my day. Sometimes about gratitude. Affirmations. Dreams & goals I want to create. On those days where I can hardly keep my eyes open I might simply write one thing that I was grateful for during the day to have that be my focus as I drift to sleep.

-Reading anything uplifting. I have a handful of my favorite books on my bedside table.

-Yoga nidra meditation to fall asleep or to fall back alseep if I wake up. The link above for Insight Timer has Yoga Nidra for Sleep meditations as well.

If you are curious about my divorce journey here is a TedX that I did.

You've got this. Be kind to yourself. Take care of yourself first so you can give from a full cup.

Lots of love, Shawn

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