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4 Tips to Let Go of What is Not Serving You
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4 Tips to Let Go of What is Not Serving You


Shawn Bradford

1. Finish this sentence: I LET GO OF______________. What word automatically pops into your mind? Write down this I LET GO OF statement on a piece of paper and safely burn this paper. As the paper turns to ash feel this releasing taking place in your body.

2. BREATHE into your belly and hold your breath for as long as you are comfortable. Imagine or sense that your breath is unraveling any old patterns, thoughts that keep you down or whatever you are ready to let go of. Then exhale out your feet trusting that what you needed to let go of was released.

3. Stand up with your feet a little wider than your hips. Slight bend to your knees. Twist side to side. Inhale to the left & exhale to the right. Add your I LET GO OF statement as you twist feeling the release happening.

4. Sit on the ground outside and place your finger tips on the earth. Breathe in feeling the wisdom of your breath gather up any tension and then send that tension out your finger tips to be released.

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